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Schools and students with Kids For Christ clubs thrive.  When youth practice their Christian faith the whole student body benefits as Christian students learn and encourage the practice of honor, respect & love for others.  As students work  through their faith in Christ to forgive, to be generous and thankful.  They remind each other to pray for needs.  Needs in their families and also things like better behavior, relationship troubles at school and even study habits & grades as they grow in their love for God.

Faith Goes to School

Schools that allow student’s to be open in their faith do not violate Freedom of Religion as long as they neither prohibit or establish any religion.  Students should be welcomed to live in their faith every where they go.  Government schools must not interfere in the free practice of faith among students. 

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Kids for Christ Bible Club is a publication resource only.  It is the product of its author Cindy Daigle.  Kids for Christ Bible Clubs are started by individuals who read the material and follow the recommendations.  This is strictly a publication and not a centralized organization.  If you have an interest in contacting the author, its easy, You may complete the form or use the email address to contact with comments, requests or questions. 

For questions on how to participate or be a teacher, please message using the form below.

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